Обложка книги The Last Good Job in America

The Last Good Job in America

ISBN: 0742509753;
Издательство: Rowman & Littlefield Publishing (via NBN)

"Money, jobs, careers, training-all are topics often overheard in the conversation of middle-class Americans today. One of the nation's leading critics of education, the world of work, and the labor movement, Stanley Aronowitz has, over three decades, shown how new technologies, labor, and education all are deeply intertwined in our culture and everyday lives. This new book reflects Aronowitz's latest thinking at a time when globalization has brought these connections to broad public attention. Aronowitzargues for the decline of the job" as the backbone, along with family, of American society. Even at a time of high employment, low wages and job insecurity leave many families at or below the poverty line. The career instability previously experienced mostly by blue-collar workers has now spread to middle managers and high-level executives caught in the rapid movement of capital and technologies. Today's world, he argues, calls for a new social contract between employers and workers....

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