Обложка книги Trade, Growth and Development

Trade, Growth and Development

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ISBN: 0444500715;
Издательство: North-Holland

Hardbound. In March 1998 professional colleagues and students of T.N. Srinivasan joined together at the Festschrift Conference at Yale to honor his work. The book contains nineteen of the contributions which were presented, reflecting the four closely related dimensions of trade and development. Part I deals with the various dimensions of the issue of growth with particular emphasis on technology choice as well as saving and fertility behavior in Ramsey-type models. Part II moves into the more applied issues of International trade, including the impact of North-South trade on Northern wages, the reasons for the failure of pegged exchange rates in the South, as well as the pros and cons of regional vs. multilateral trading arrangements. Part III presents a variety of theoretical and applied approaches to analyze Indian planning and development experience. The final section, Part IV, addresses the general topic of market failures and economic structur