Обложка книги World Development: An Introduction

World Development: An Introduction


ISBN: 0745314074;
Издательство: Pluto Press (UK)

Do the structures of the world economy invariably work against the interests of the Third World? What is the impact of industrialization? How does it affect people and their livelihoods, gender relations, the environment, movements for social justice anddemocracy? World Development offers answers to these questions. A comprehensive introductory guide for students, teachers, volunteers and NGO workers in development, World Development examines the substantive issues surrounding development, industrialization and globalization and places them within a historic context. It outlines the historical development of the world economy and assesses the current prospects for developing countries. The book contains in-depth analyses of how particular industriesoperate at local and global levels, drawing from case studies on textiles, tourism and copper. There are also cases studies of specific countries, including South Korea, Cyprus, Mexico, China, and Spain.

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