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Luca Cerioni

Eu Corporate Law And Eu Company Tax Law (Corporations, Globalisation and the Law)

Обложка книги Eu Corporate Law And Eu Company Tax Law (Corporations, Globalisation and the Law)

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ISBN: 1845427742
Издательство: Edward Elgar Pub
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 288
With the European Union striving to become the world's most competitive economy, the developments in the two closely interconnected areas of European corporate law and European company tax law are of utmost importance. This book focuses on the crucial issues raised by these developments, on their far-reaching implications and on the key challenges to the future legislative choices. The book illustrates the key developments in EU corporate law and EU company tax law, the EU planned initiatives in these areas, and - at a time when member states increasingly tend to use company law and company tax provisions to attract businesses and investments - it suggests how future developments can contribute to the undistorted functioning of the internal market and to the strategic `Lisbon-objective'. The explanation of these legislative and case-law developments is of use to students and indicates new opportunities for business expansion strategies throughout the European ...
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