Обложка книги Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

ISBN: 0810832143;
Издательство: Rowman & Littlefield (Non NBN)

Many books have been written about the theory of conflict resolution, the practice of using alternative methods for conflict suppression. Because conflict resolution is a fairly new area of study, and because most of the early works dealing with the areawere of a scholarly nature, nowhere have the language and processes of conflict resolution been addressed and explained for understanding by the general reader. "Conflict Resolution" provides--in easily understandable terms--succinct definitions of the many new terms that have grown out of the area of conflict resolution. It also explains the ideas behind those terms, the processes by which conflict can be resolved through creative, non-violent, non-confrontational solutions. Written as an introductory text, "Conflict Resolution" also provides a solid understanding of the history, basic theory, and practice of conflict resolution for decision-makers and policy-makers in industry, law, and government.