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Annette D. Bernhardt, Martina Morris, Mark S. Handcock, Marc A. Scott, Annette Bernhardt

Divergent Paths: Economic Mobility in the New American Labor Market

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ISBN: 0871541505
Издательство: Russell Sage Foundation Publications
The promise of upward mobility ? the notion that everyone has the chance to get ahead ? is one of this country's most cherished ideals, a hallmark of the American Dream. But in today's volatile labor market, the tradition of upward mobility forall may be a thing of the past. In a competitive world of deregulated markets and demanding shareholders, many firms that once offered the opportunity for advancement to workers have remade themselves as leaner enterprises with more flexible work forces.Divergent Paths examines the prospects for upward mobility of workers in this changed economic landscape. Based on an innovative comparison of the fortunes of two generations of young, white men over the course of their careers, Divergent Paths documentsthe divide between the upwardly mobile and the growing numbers of workers caught in the low-wage trap. The first generation entered the labor market in the late 1960s, a time of prosperity and stability in the U.S. labor market,...