Обложка книги Fast Forward

Fast Forward


ISBN: 0742508951;
Издательство: Rowman & Littlefield (Non NBN)

This innovative, global feminist analysis of work and politics examines the diverse problems and related protests of women and men who labor to make ends meet in a rapidly-changing world. Using vivid examples from around the world, it reveals how "globalization" is reshaping social institutions and lives. "Fast Forward" explores how businesses and states reshaped and redistributed work around the world during the last 30 years of "globalization," often with adverse consequences. Within this fast-moving context, laboring people today engage in work outside of formal employment, try to obtain survival resources, mount a diverse array of often women-centered protests against firms and states, and try--on their own terms--to reinvent work and democratic political practices. Portraying the human face of global change, "Fast Forward" shows how overlapping social movements wrestle with economic and political marginalization, and initiate highly diverse, but related attempts to change the way...