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R. Emmett Murray

Lexicon of Labor: More Than 500 Key Terms, Biographical Sketches, and Historical Insights Concerning Labor in America

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ISBN: 1565844564
Издательство: New Press
An innovative and informative mini-encyclopedia of work and workers in America. Unique and comprehensive, The Lexicon of Labor features informative and engaging descriptions of more than 500 key places, people, and events in American labor history. From Eugene Debs to Cesar Chavez, the Haymarket Riots in 1886 to the Teamsters/ups strike in 1997, labor writer R. Emmett Murray provides brief, fascinating sketches of this vital part of the American experience. The Lexicon of Labor also includes explanationsof major legislative acts, definitions of key legal terminology, and complete listings of all the member unions of the AFL-CIO and independent unions in the United States. A practical, handy resource for students and journalists, and an ideal introduction to the history of labor in America. Terms include: AFL-CIO; boulwarism; collective bargaining; Davis-Bacon Act; downsizing; Fair Labor Standards Act; Homestead Strike; I.W.W.; Knights of Labor; maquiladora; May Day; Palmer Raids;...