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Peter Joseph Kuhn

Losing Work, Moving on: International Perspectives on Worker Displacement

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ISBN: 0880992336
Издательство: W. E. Upjohn Institute
This volume presents a collaborative effort by 22 labor economists who examine worker displacement and the attempts to address it in 10 industrialized countries. Using large nationally-representative data sets and detailed policy analysis, the authors focus on two key questions related to worker displacement: 1) whether the experiences of displaced workers in the Untied States, and the patterns of experiences across workers, echo patterns seen in other developed countries, and 2) what can be learned, both from the similarities and from the differences across countries? For instance, do commonalities in displaced workers' experiences across all countries reveal fundamental features of modern industrialized economies? Are international differences informative about the efficacy of different public policy approaches to worker displacement across countries? Within-country patterns are described using a number of demographic characteristics including age, tenure, gender, and skill...