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Ann D. Bagchi

Making Connections: A Study of Networking Among Immigrant Professionals

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ISBN: 1931202176
Издательство: LFB Scholarly Publishing
Utilizing quantitative and qualitative research methods Bagchi examines the role that networks play in the immigration of professionals to the United States. Past research of so-called "migrant networks" emphasized the role of close interpersonal ties and focused on lower-skilled immigrants. This research shows that casual ties play a significant role in bringing highly-skilled immigrants to the U.S., but also that the importance of the "strength of ties" varies considerably by gender and occupation. Bagchi used two quantitative data sources: the Immigration and Naturalization Services? Public Use files and the Microdata files of the United States? Census Bureau as well as her own qualitative interviews. The book makes an important contribution to the understanding of the immigration experience through its study of heretofore neglected segments of the immigrant population and through its use of a combination of research techniques.