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Ross Yockey

McColl: The Man With America's Money

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ISBN: 1563525399
Издательство: Longstreet Press
Tracing the rise of the man and his bank (from NCNB to Nationsbank to Bank of America), McColl is the story of a man who was immersed in a world of winners and losers, hunters and prey, a world where there were deals to be made. Throw out all your stereotypes of bankers and their pin-striped stories, this book reads like the Great American War Novel. McColl's audacious incursions into Florida, Texas, Georgia, Virginia and finally California - outflanking federal regulations against interstate banking -have the drama and intrigue of brilliant military campaigns. McColl is the little backwater general from the land of grits and cornbread who plays David to the Money Center Goliath's of New York City. Ultimately Hugh McColl - in charge of the first andonly bank that stretches from coast to coast - emerges as the man who, more than any other in the twentieth century, has changed the financial structure of the United States.