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David Neumark, Russell Sage Foundation

On the Job : Is Long-Term Employment a Thing of the Past?

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ISBN: 0871546183
Издательство: Russell Sage Foundation Publications
In recent years, a flurry of reports on downsizing, outsourcing, and flexible staffing have created the impression that stable, long-term jobs are a thing of the past. While there is no shortage of striking anecdotes to fule these popular beliefs, reliable evidence is harder to come by. Researchers have yet to determine whether we are witnessing a sustained, economy-wide decline in the stability of American jobs, or merely a momentary rupture confined to a few industries and a few classes of workers. On the Job launches a concerted effort to reconcile the conflicting evidence about job stability and security as well as providing an authoritative basis for spotting the trends and interpreting the fall-out as U.S. employers and employees rethink the terms of their relationship.