Обложка книги The Theory of the Growth of the Firm

The Theory of the Growth of the Firm


ISBN: 0199573840; 978-0-19-957384-4;
Издательство: Oxford University Press

There are not many books that are genuine classics, and only a handful in business and management whose insights and ideas last for 50 years and more. This book is one of the very few "must reads" for anybody seriously interested in the role of management within the firm. Originally published in 1959, The "Theory of the Growth of the Firm" has illuminated and inspired thinking in strategy, entrepreneurship, knowledge creation, and innovation. Edith Penrose's tightly-argued classic laid the foundations for the resource based view of the firm, now the dominant framework in business strategy. She analyses managerial activities and decisions, organizational routines, and also the factors that inevitably limit a firm's growth prospects. For this new anniversary edition, Christos Pitelis has written a new introduction which both tells the story of Penrose's extraordinary life, and provides a balanced assessment of her key ideas and their continuing relevance and...

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