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Ivar E. Berg, Arne L. Kalleberg

Sourcebook of Labor Markets: Evolving Structures and Processes (Mathematical and Computational Chemistry)

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ISBN: 0306464535
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
This comprehensive handbook provides an overview of the key developments in a variety of labor market contexts and in the analyses of these that have occurred during the two decades since the publication of the groundbreaking 1981 volume Sociological Perspectives on Labor Markets. A distinguished roster of authors (sociologists as well as economists) examines the interplay between social institutions and markets in producing important outcomes for producers of goods and services, their organizations' owners, and their customers. For example, the authors investigate how social institutions such as unions, business organizations, and the government interact with labor, product, political, and capital markets to produce a variety of labor market outcomes, widening income inequality, career paths, and a variety of changing employment relationships. In addition to introductory and concluding chapters by the editors, the volume contains 25 chapters covering key topics in the field. The...