Обложка книги Technology and the Future of European Employment

Technology and the Future of European Employment


ISBN: 1843763362;
Издательство: Edward Elgar Pub

What is the potential of the new information and communication technologies? This book, now available in paperback, assesses the relationship between technological change and employment in all its dimensions, focusing on contemporary economies in Europe. The authors discuss patterns of growth and the type of employment that countries might expect to be created following the introduction of these new technologies. Also analyzed is the extent to which firms should adjust to more favorable production and distribution patterns. Institutional change is another issue addressed in detail as this encompasses the organization of working time, systems of education and innovation and the welfare state. The final section of the book addresses the future of European employment not only from the competitive position of Europe in a global economy but also the new societal and demographic contexts that will challenge European economies in the future. Technology and the Future of European...