Обложка книги Telecommute! : Go To Work Without Leaving Home

Telecommute! : Go To Work Without Leaving Home

ISBN: 0471118206;
Издательство: Wiley

Make the virtual office a reality How many hours of your day are spent commuting? Do you ever wish you could go to work without having to go through the aggravation of actually getting there? Would you like to devote more time to your family? If so, telecommuting could be for you. Drawing on the stories of real people who are active telecommuters, Lisa Shaw provides potent advice and inspiration on this innovative—and increasingly popular—approach to the workplace. Here's invaluable information on: Determining if telecommuting is an option for your career Negotiating with your boss Setting up your home office Balancing your work and home life Keeping your career on track—even when you're physically out of sight.