Обложка книги Ten Strategies for Successful Contract Negotiations

Ten Strategies for Successful Contract Negotiations

ISBN: 1883291232;
Издательство: Lukaszewski Group, Incorporated, the

Business organizations rarely become extinct due to labor negotiations, but high-profile labor problems can generate serious temporary harm and enormous, unnecessary, largely self-inflicted distraction. The critical question to ask everyone constantly -- the CEO to the negotiators -- is, "Does what we are doing, saying, or planning, or what we are planning to do and say, get us quickly, directly, and honorably to a contract?" If the answer is anything other than an unqualified "yes!" -- stop doing, stop talking, stop planning, and get the goal back in focus and the process back on track. In this monograph Jim Lukaszewski offers 10 strategies to help you focus on the goal of getting a contract by using principled, honorable communication. Successful negotiations boil down to clearly identifying your true goals. Goals that involve punishment, hitting back, and testosterosis are weak, defensive, and costly. Leave these behaviors to the zealots and those who don't have a...