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Janet Thomas

The Battle in Seattle: The Story Behind and Beyond the Wto Demonstrations

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ISBN: 1555911080
Издательство: Fulcrum Publishing
Between 40,000 and 60,000 people protested against the World Trade Organization's Third Ministerial on November 30, 1999. They converged on Seattle to express their concerns about the power of corporations, globalization, and the gap between fantasies ofthe good life and the real lives of working people everywhere. Energized by her own participation in the protests, Seattle writer Janet Thomas was determined to present a view of the events that went beyond the facile coverage of the media. She interviewed many of the participants and has created portraits of modern civil disobedience that will serve as an inspiration for all people concerned about the homogenization of daily life and the disparity between rich and poor around the globe. By concentrating on both the personalities and the issues, The Battle in Seattle serves as a corrective to all those who believe that the protesters expressed their beliefs in vain. Janet Thomas is a published author and a playwright, and has...