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Meni Koslowsky, Moshe Krausz

Voluntary Employee Withdrawal and Inattendance: A Current Perspective (Industrial and Organisational Psychology)

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ISBN: 0306472481
Издательство: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers
Regardless of the job market situation, there is always a certain level of voluntary employee withdrawal -- lateness, absence, avoidance of work, undue socializing -- that affects the well being of the organization. This volume explores the various manifestations of employee withdrawal, how they may be assessed, and identifies relevant antecedents and moderators, attitudinal as well as behavioral. The authors have focused on issues such as national culture and perceptions of absence legitimacy, components of voluntary employee turnover, the role of performance management process in employee withdrawal behavior, and current controversies concerning the withdrawal phenomenon. In addition, some creative perspectives on changing information technology, the taxonomy of lateness behavior, and the association between smoking and absenteeism are offered.