Обложка книги Webs of Resistence in a Newly Privatized Polish Firm

Webs of Resistence in a Newly Privatized Polish Firm

ISBN: 0815333900;
Издательство: Garland Publishing

This study examines how the shared cultural values of employees in a Polish firm influence management attempts top transform organizational practices in a newly privatized factory. By introducing a foreign management approach, Total Quality Management (TQM), the management of this factory presents a potential conflict of values between the employees and the management philosophy. Tracing the historical and contemporary impact of traditional, political and religious influences in Poland and utilizing ethnographic techniques of observation, interviews, and secondary source data, the author identifies four patterns of shared mindsets. These mindsets, insecurity and instability, distrust, reluctance to assume responsibility and a struggle between individualism and collectivism generate resistance to the successful implementation of TQM in this factory. Organizational studies research has identified cultural differences in values but previous studies have not examined the congruence...