Обложка книги The State of Working America, 2002/2003 (State of Working America)

The State of Working America, 2002/2003 (State of Working America)

ISBN: 0801440645;
Издательство: Cornell University Press

Book DescriptionThe State of Working America, prepared biennially since 1988 by the Economic Policy Institute, includes a wide variety of data on family incomes, wages, taxes, unemployment, wealth, and poverty-data that enable the authors to closely examine the effect of the economy on the living standards of the American people. Praise for previous editions- "The State of Working America has become a fixture on the bookshelves of policymakers and analysts."-Chicago Tribune "Its . . . pages are packed with facts and figures about the U.S. labor market and written up in a challenging and punchy style. No recruitment company or human resource manager should be without a copy."-Robert Taylor, Financial Times "No other publication in America is as valuable in assessing what's happening to working men and women."-John J. Sweeney "Read The State of Working America to appreciate how growth is generating benefits very unequally."-Harvard Business Review

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