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Rob Lebow

A Journey into the Heroic Environment: A Personal Guide for Creating Great Customer Transactions Using Eight Universal Shared Values

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ISBN: 1590790618
Издательство: Select Books (NY)
Год издания: 2004
Book Description"Imagine what would happen in a work environment if people were given the freedom to act the way they really wanted to act-with courage, creativity, and independence from fear of criticism, or worse. And, when people are respected and appreciated, they want to contribute even more, to rise to their true potential. I call that kind of place-a place where people act heroically-a Heroic Environment." It may sound impossible, but it?s not. In A Journey Into the Heroic Environment, author Rob Lebow uses the simple story of two strangers meeting on a train journey to simply and comprehensively diagram the journey toward a new measure of transparency, communication and common focus in any work environment, regardless of size. Key to this vision is the concept of Shared Values, when individuals within an organization "agree to agree on what certain values mean to them personally." The openness, trust and respect that would follow would ensure greater job satisfaction...