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Reinhold Billstein

Working For The Enemy: Ford, General Motors, And Forced Labor In Germany During The Second World War

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ISBN: 1845450132
Издательство: Berghahn Books
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionWorking for the Enemy General Motors, the largest corporation on earth today, has been the owner since 1929 of Adam Opel AG, Russelsheim, the maker of Opel cars. Ford Motor Company in 1931 built the Ford Werke factory in Cologne, today the headquarters of European Ford. In this book, historians tell the astonishing story of what happened at Opel and Ford Werke under the Third Reich, and of the aftermath today. Long before the Second World War, key American executives at Fordand General Motors were eager to do business with Nazi Germany. Ford Werke and Opel became indispensable suppliers to the German armed forces, together providing most of the trucks that later motorized the Nazi attempt to conquer Europe. After the outbreak of war in 1939, Opel converted its largest factory to warplane parts production. Both companies set up extensive maintenance and repair networks to help keep the war machine on wheels. During the first two years of the war,...