Обложка книги Professions, Competence and Informal Learning

Professions, Competence and Informal Learning

ISBN: 1843764083;
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing

Book DescriptionThis book takes a fresh look at professions - their history and sociology, and at the nature both of professional practice and professional competence. Based on research by the authors across 20 varied professions, the book offers an innovative model of professional competence and throws new light on how competence is acquired. It identifies a range of informal learning processes, which seem to be just as important to becoming competent as formal training. As a result, the authors suggest a paradigm of professional development that combines informal and formal learning and also brings together academic and competence-based approaches. Professions, Competence and Informal Learning provides practical advice to professional developers on program design as well as tips for individual professionals on how to exploit their informal learning opportunities. It draws on the research to forecast the future skills needs of professionals and suggests how professional development...