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Andrew Hughes Hallett, Peter McAdam, Andrew J. Hughes Hallett

Analyses in Macroeconomic Modelling (ADVANCES IN COMPUTATIONAL ECONOMICS Volume 12)

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ISBN: 0792385985
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Macroeconomic Modelling has undergone radical changes in the last few years. There has been considerable innovation in developing robust solution techniques for the new breed of increasingly complex models. Similarly there has been a growing consensus ontheir long run and dynamic properties, as well as much development on existing themes such as modelling expectations and policy rules. This edited volume focuses on those areas which have undergone the most significant and imaginative developments and brings together the very best of modelling practice. We include specific sections on (I) Solving Large Macroeconomic Models, (II) Rational Expectations and Learning Approaches, (III) Macro Dynamics, and (IV) Long Run and Closures. All of the contributions offer new research whilst putting their developments firmly in context and as such will influence much future research in the area. It will be an invaluable text for those in policy institutions as well as academics and advanced...
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