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Morten Balling, Elizabeth Hennessy, Richard O'Brien, Elizabeth Hennessey, Societe Universitaire Europeenne De Recherches Financieres

Corporate Governance, Financial Markets and Global Convergence

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ISBN: 0792348257
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
The papers in this volume were presented in Budapest at the 20th Colloquium of the Societe Universitaire Europeenne de Recherches Financieres (SUERF), arranged in association with the Robert Triffin-Szirak Foundation. Each paper deals with a different aspect of the characteristics of and trends in corporate governance. The three main topics are: + Corporate governance of financial institutions; + Corporate governance as exerted by financial institutions; + Financial instutions as participants in the transfer of corporate governance. The structure of financial markets and institutions has a significant impact on the ways in which the power to manage corporate resources is allocated. The relative roles of different types of owners and the legal framework within which they operate are currently in a state of flux throughout Europe. Financial integration in the European Union, the transition to open market economies in Central and Eastern Europe and privatization, have a...