Обложка книги Expanding Membership of the European Union

Expanding Membership of the European Union

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ISBN: 0521481341; 9780521481342;
Издательство: Cambridge University Press

The debate about the expansion of the regional integration of Europe is set to dominate the European Union's (EU's) policy agenda in the coming years. While the countries of Central and Eastern Europe may aspire to EU membership only in the long term, four EFTA countries have already submitted formal applications, and are aiming for membership by the mid-1990s. This book, from the Centre for Economic Policy Research, addresses this imminent expansion, focusing on the "Northern Expansion" of Scandinavian countries, and on Austria. The volume has chapters on the key issues in the debate, including the theoretical motivation behind the clamor for entry to the EU, the political implication of expansion for the EU, and the effects on trade and production patterns across the whole of industry for new members.

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