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Jonathan M. Harris, Neva R. Goodwin

New Thinking in Macroeconomics: Social, Institutional, and Environmental Perspectives

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ISBN: 1843764121
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
Presenting new and innovative perspectives on macroeconomics at the national and international levels, the editors bring together contributions on a wide range of topics including: social, institutional, and environmental perspectives; current issues of globalization; transitional economies; inequality; unemployment; national and international debt; and the relationship of macroeconomic policies to the environment. The contributors draw on expertise in a variety of areas to provide insight into debates on macroeconomic policy in the US and Europe, as well as in developing and transitional economies. Themes explored include: ? disequilibrium in the macroeconomy: analysis of the roots of instability and crisis in national and global systems ? the evolution of macroeconomic institutions to stabilize and guide economic growth ? the paradoxes of globalization, the dangers of unrestricted financial flows, and the impacts of globalization on national...