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Md. Akhtar Hossain, Anis Chowdhury, Akhtar Hossain

Open-Economy Macroeconomics for Developing Countries

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ISBN: 1858982278
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
Open-Economy Macroeconomics for Developing Countries focuses on fiscal, monetary and exchange rate issues of importance to less developed economies. The book argues that the dichotomy between the short-term macroeconomic stabilization goal andthe long-term economic growth objective commonly found in developing countries' policy framework is inappropriate. The authors report empirical evidence to support the proposition that macroeconomic stability is a pre-requisite for sustained economic growth and the root of macroeconomic instability in developing countries lies in the government budget deficits. The book discusses the stabilization tools available to deal with capital flows, supply shocks and the effects of financial deregulation. It opens with a discussion of macroeconomic policy problems for open developing economies and an historical overview of the international institutions such as IMF, GATT and UNCTAD. The authors then provide a comprehensive ...
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