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Miguel Szekely, Orazio Attansio

Portrait of the Poor: An Assets-Based Approach

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ISBN: 1886938970
Издательство: Inter-American Development Bank
Reducing poverty is the greatest challenge facing Latin American policymakers today. In the 1990s, macroeconomic reform helped put much of the region on a growth trend, yet the ranks of the poor continued to swell. Today, most countries have levels of poverty that far exceed expectations given their levels of development. Portrait of the Poor paints a whole new picture of poverty in Latin America. Low incomes are just the silhouette of the problem. Learning more about why the poor people earn less makes for a more complete portrait. This book finds the key in unequal access to education, credit and the other income-generating assets of human, physical and social capital. Evidence from case studies on Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica and Peru supports this finding.