Обложка книги Public Pensions and Economic Growth

Public Pensions and Economic Growth

ISBN: 3540432965;
Издательство: Springer-Verlag

This book studies the normative and positive ramifications of public pension policies in a growing economy. It analyzes the impact of an unfunded public pension scheme on aggregate productivity growth and efficiency, it considers the political forces behind public pension legislation, and it develops and discusses elements of public pension design and reform. The book emphasizes the endogenous growth paradigm for an understanding of the dynamic impact of intergenerational transfers inherent in an unfunded public pension scheme. It uncovers an allocative role of intergenerational transfers which is exclusively linked to the possibility of endogenously evolving economic growth. The endogenous growth approach also allows to identify unfunded public pensionsas a source of a conflict between current and future generations. This conflict shapes private old-age security considerations as well as the process of public pension legislation.