Обложка книги Recursive Macroeconomic Theory

Recursive Macroeconomic Theory


ISBN: 0262194511; 9780262194518;
Издательство: MIT Press
Страниц: 738

Recursive methods offer a powerful approach in dynamic macroeconomics. This book contains both an introduction to recursive tools, including standard applications such as asset pricing, and advanced material, including analyses of reputational mechanismsand contract design. The tools are presented with enough technical sophistication to get the reader started working on practical problems. When numerical simulations are called for, the book provides suggestions for how to proceed, as well as references for further reading. The applications cover many substantive issues in macroeconomics, such as equilibrium asset prices, market incompleteness, wealth distribution, fiscal-monetary theories of inflation, government debt, optimal labor and capital taxation, time consistency and credible government policies, optimal social insurance, economic growth, and labor market dynamics.

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