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Andres Solimano

Social Inequality : Values, Growth, and the State (Development and Inequality in the Market Economy)

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ISBN: 0472109065
Издательство: UMP
Inequality of income, wealth, and opportunities is an ancient concern of economists, philosophers, political leaders, and the community at large. Is inequality the unavoidable dark side of capitalism? Is it the price to be paid for fostering wealth creation and material progress? Can economic growth and social equity coexist? Is inequality an ethical or moral problem? An economic problem? A political one? Leading international scholars endeavor here to answer these key questions. The volume treats the problem of income distribution from three angles. First, it reviews the recent literature on distributive justice both from the viewpoint of philosophers (Rawls, Dworkin, Nozick, Cohen) and economists (Sen, Roemer, and others), in order to clarify issues, approaches, and conclusions derived from work done in the interface between philosophy and economics. Second, it analyzes the issue of inequality from the viewpoint of its impact on (and interactions with) economic...
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