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Mark Setterfield

The Economics of Demand-Led Growth: Challenging the Supply-Side Vision of the Long Run

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ISBN: 1840641770
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
?As Keynes noted sixty-five years ago, the "great puzzle of effective demand" disappeared from economics for a century between Malthus and Keynes. It has recently been in danger of disappearing again. These lucid essays help assure that it will not.They ably summarize growth theory from the demand-side perspective, and in particular, they highlight for a new generation the continuing vital importance of Nicholas Kaldor?s ideas.? - James K. Galbraith, University of Texas at Austin The Economics of Demand-Led Growth is a collection of specially written essays that develop and apply the theory of demand-led growth. Long-run growth is usually portrayed as a supply-determined process. The contributions to this volume, however, are rooted in the theory of demand-led growth. In addition to general discussions of the role of demand in the long-run, the volume contains essays in the Kaldorian and Kaleckian traditions, and a section on the relationship between...
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