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David MacArov

What the Market Does to People: Privatization, Globalization and Poverty

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ISBN: 0932863388
Издательство: Clarity Press
This book is a description, explanation and expose of the poverty that currently afflicts large swathes of people in both developed and less-developed nations. It examines and illustrates the shocking extent, the kinds and the results of poverty from both societal and individual perspectives. The origins of poverty in attitudes and ideologies, and the societal norms and structures that currently keep billions of people poor, are examined. Methods of determining statistical poverty lines, and their uses in hiding the extent of real poverty, are explained, as well as some little-known aspects of the poverty lines used in various countries. The subterfuges used by most governments in counting the poor are also examined. Particular attention is paid to the most recent and widespread causes of poverty, namely, privatization and globalization, with their emphasis on the need for a market-driven economy, in which greed is posited as goal, guide and god. The market-driven...