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Pamela Danziger

Why People Buy Things They Don't Need : Understanding and Predicting Consumer Behavior

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ISBN: 0793186021
Издательство: Dearborn Trade, a Kaplan Professional Company
Consumers shop to satisfy emotional needs and desires-if a company is selling to emotion, then it's in the business of luxury. What motivates consumers to buy? Is it pleasure?Education? Entertainment? Status? Or just an impulse? Knowing why consumers buy what they do is the secret to predicting how they will behave in the ever-changing marketplace. In most cases, much of what people buy are items they really don't need. Focusing on the "whys" of spending, Danziger has meticulously profiled customers in more than 30 categories of discretionary spending through research based on surveys, interviews, and focus groups from a variety of people who make discretionary purchases. She provides readers with a vision of the future, givingthem the foresight to anticipate the needs and desires of their customers. This groundbreaking guide will help marketers of all products understand the underlying motivators consumers use to both make their purchases and...
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