Обложка книги Growth and Development in the Global Economy

Growth and Development in the Global Economy

ISBN: 1843760045;
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing

Book DescriptionWhat are the forces behind the increasing globalization of economic life? How does globalization affect the functioning of national economies? What difficulties confront government policymakers in dealing with the global economy? These issues are addressed in this volume by leading specialists. The contributors present a range of unique and varied perspectives from which they consider aspects of the increasing integration of economic life, exploring implications for the functioning ofdomestic markets in a rapidly changing global economy. The result is a collection of insights that provide a framework for understanding globalization as an economic phenomenon. The determinants of national economic growth within this global context,and the way in which national governments and international organizations can best achieve growth and development without instability and widening inequality are also discussed. The book will appeal to economists and national and...