Обложка книги Rural Poverty, Risk and Development

Rural Poverty, Risk and Development

ISBN: 1843764369;
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing

Book DescriptionThroughout their lifetime, men and women are subject to a wide variety of risks, such as illness, accident, death, or less directly, unemployment, crop failure, loss of property, disability, business failure, and skill obsolescence. This book investigates the relationships between rural poverty, risk, and development. Building upon the author?s work in the area, it summarizes the contributions of recent theoretical and empirical work to our understanding of how risk affects ruralpoverty levels in developing countries. In particular the book examines what we do and do not know about risk coping strategies among today?s poor rural societies. Ways in which these strategies may be re-examined and improved by governments and international organizations are proposed. Rural Poverty, Risk and Development is an important contribution to the development literature and should be read by anyone interested in exploring the causes of and solutions to poverty in...