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World Bank

Creating Fiscal Space for Poverty Reduction in Ecuador: A Fiscal Management and Public Expenditure Review (World Bank Country Study) (World Bank Country Study)

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ISBN: 0821362569
Издательство: World Bank Publications
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionEcuador?¦s impressive fiscal performance of 2003 is encouraging, but fragile. Several structural bottlenecks could impede fiscal discipline and recovery, which is a pre-condition to develop a poverty reduction agenda. Tax earmarkings and exemptions and an expansive payroll and pensions bill have reduced to a minimum the available fiscal space for development needs. Reversing poverty trends is critical for the country?¦s stability, and this can only be achieved with well-targeted, effective and efficient pro-poor programs. The status quo is not an option for poverty reduction. Preserving a sound fiscal position and deepening positive social outcomes is well within reach. Among the country?¦s many strengths are: a prolonged oil windfall; the existence of and compliance with fiscal rules; decreasing arrears that should fully disappear in 2004, substantive progress on social outcomes despite decreasing budgets; and a series of on-going...
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