Обложка книги Macroeconomics : A Contemporary Introduction (with InfoTrac)

Macroeconomics : A Contemporary Introduction (with InfoTrac)

ISBN: 0324288743;
Издательство: South-Western College Pub

Book Description This very successful textbook is distinguished by a superior writing style that draws upon common student experiences to introduce economic concepts, making economic theory more accessible and interesting. "Case Studies" and numerous examples take advantage of students' intuitive knowledge of economics, building upon real-life situations. A streamlined design places pedagogy and illustrations directly within the flow of the text, making them less distracting and more useful for students. A fully integrated program of technology enhancements sets this text apart by pairing the book with numerous online multimedia learning tools that have been developed to help the text better serve a wide range of learning styles. The text uniquely integrates classroom use of The Wall Street Journal by including a complimentary student subscription offer, as well as in-text pedagogy to help students learn to analyze the latest economic events as reported in the Journal.

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