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Ian C. Runge, Ian Runge

Capital and Uncertainty: The Capital Investment Process in a Market Economy (The Locke Institute series)

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ISBN: 1840642882
Издательство: Edward Elgar Publishing
This book is an important addition to the emerging body of new work on capital and its primary contribution is in analyzing capital investment choice as a process. The understanding of this process requires significant modifications and extension to the standard neo-classical economic tools. Capital and Uncertainty is a non-mathematical text, modernizing and adding to the existing thought in this area, with insights from game theory, rational choice under uncertainty and new institutional economics. Dr. Runge also draws upon 25 years of business experience in setting out a thorough and immensely practical exposition of the risk/return trade-off and how major capital investment decisions are made within firms. Topics studied include: ? the nature of capital investment decisions ? entrepreneurship and the market order ? capital investment choice processes ? capital investment models ? capital decisions: choices between strategies. Economists,...
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