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Mike Shew

Dialing for Dollars: A Complete Inside Guide into the Underworld of Telemarketing for the Consumer and the Entrepreneur

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ISBN: 0595204163
Издательство: Writers Club Press
We are all familiar with the telemarketing industry. The dinner time phone calls requesting a donation to a local charity organization or the early morning call asking you to try a service that the solicitor is positive you cannot live another day without. Nevertheless, how much do we really know about the operation behind the phone call? Mike Shew’s insightful book “Dialing for Dollars” proves that we do not really know much about the telemarketing industry at all. The author has collectively arranged a knowledgeable handbook, whether you are an inquiring businessperson looking to start your own telemarketing firm, or just a community member looking to uncover the truth. Mike Shew has, through a compilation of his extensive experience, given us the theory that supervision and motivation are the most important factors in any operation. He has given you an outline of how to keep revenue high and employee turnover rate low. In doing so, the author has been blatantly...
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