Обложка книги Economics At the Wheel: the Costs of Cars and Drivers

Economics At the Wheel: the Costs of Cars and Drivers

ISBN: 0125623615;
Издательство: Academic Press

Economics at the Wheel is about cars and driving, and all the problems that cars and drivers create for America. It explains actual government policy intended to reduce the damage cars and drivers do to us, and it explains why these government policies are almost all failures because they attack the wrong problem or attack it in the wrong way. The reader will come away with a much fuller understanding of air pollution, global warming, highway safety, auto insurance, gasoline taxation, rush-hour congestion, leaking underground storage tanks, and many other auto-related issues. Key Features * Presents continuous application to real policy issues of introductory microeconomic theory * Looks at common actions and circumstances from an economics perspective * Readable with accessible prose style and few footnotes * Includes questions to provoke student thinking and boxed sections of side materials to stimulate discussions * Maintains a breezy style; begun as...