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ISBN: 978-0-19437-934-2;
Издательство: AM HEADWAY 2 TRB
Страниц: 81

American Headway 2 builds on the firm grammatical, lexical and functional foundation laid in American Headway 1. Students' understanding of English is widened and their abilities to use the language for communicative purposes are extended. Integrated skills work is an important feature of the series. All four skills are developed in context. Universal topics are selected from a wide variety of material. There is in-depth treatment of grammar, with clear presentations, self-check exercises in the 'Grammar Spot', and detailed explanations in the 'Grammar Reference' followed by extensive practice activities. A systematic vocabulary syllabus includes dictionary training and work on systems such as collocations. Pronunciation work is integrated at appropriate points. An 'Everyday English' section practises functional language and social situations.

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