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Beth Walter Honadle

Fiscal Health for Local Governments

Обложка книги Fiscal Health for Local Governments

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ISBN: 0123547512, 9780123547514
Издательство: Academic Press
Год издания: 2010
Страниц: 271
This examination of the fiscal health of local governments offers a "how-to" approach to identifying and solving financial problems. It will serve as a primer for readers interested in understanding financial processes and alternatives, and as a practical guide for those who need access to fiscal measurement tools. Its principal selling point lies in its assumptions: instead of using the vocabulary and research agendas of economists (such as Musgrave, Fisher), finance scholars (Ladd/Yinger) and political scientists (Peterson/Strachota), it will appeal to readers who lack sophisticated knowledge in these areas and nevertheless need practical advice. The book stems from the "Fiscal Health Education Program," an applied economics program at the University of Minnesota. It uses three measures of fiscal health—financial condition, trend analysis, and financial trend monitoring system—as the basis for advocating particular fiscal strategies. The book examines the tools...