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Pontus Braunerhjelm

Knowledge Capital and the New Economy: Firm Size, Performance and Network Production

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ISBN: 0792378016
Издательство: Kluwer Academic Publishers
According to its proponents, the `new economy' is associated with sustainable growth, increased demand for labor and zero inflation. On the micro-level, this bright avenue into the future is propelled by knowledge capital, flexibility and new ways of organizing production, such as clusters and networks. Progress in information technology, together with massive deregulation on the national and the international levels, have been credited with setting this development into motion. The concept of the `new economy' has been rapidly embraced by politicians, as it seems to offer a way out of the traditional trade-off between unemployment and wage inflation. However, empirical evidence regarding the microeconomic mechanisms of the `new economy' is scarce. Knowledge Capital and the `New Economy': Firm Size, Performance and Network Production intends to narrow this gap by empirically analyzing the composition of knowledge capital and how knowledge capital is distributed across firms of...
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