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Roy Boyne

Risk (Concepts in the Social Sciences)

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ISBN: 0335208304
Издательство: Open University Press
Год издания: 2003
Book Description * Is risk always measurable? * Why are some risks more important? * Do we take a lot more risks now? * On whom can we rely for advice? * How critical is the sociology of risk for understanding contemporary society? The term 'risk' occurs throughout contemporary social analysis and political commentary. It is now virtually a legal requirement that large organizations throughout the world establish formal risk assessment and risk management procedures. Increasingly dense communication and media networks alert huge numbers of people and organizations to a widening range of threats and possibilities. A basic understanding of the risks themselves may require specific technical knowledge of basic chemistry, or the psychology of motivation, or of contrasting interpretations of injustices deep within the past. However, at the same time as attending to specific risks, there are general questions such as those above which invite reflection. This...
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