Обложка книги Economic Uncertainty, Instabilities And Asset Bubbles: Selected Essays

Economic Uncertainty, Instabilities And Asset Bubbles: Selected Essays

ISBN: 9812563784;
Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company
Страниц: 372

The compendium of papers in this volume focuses on aspects of economic uncertainty, financial instabilities and asset bubbles. Economic uncertainty is modeled in continuous time using the mathematical techniques of stochastic calculus. A detailed treatment of important topics is provided, including the existence and uniqueness of asymptotic economic growth, the modeling of inflation and interest rates, the decomposition of inflation and its volatility, and the extension of the quantity theory of money to allow for randomness. The reader is also introduced to the methods of chaotic dynamics, and this methodology is applied to asset pricing, the European equity markets, and the multi-fractality in foreign currency markets. Since the techniques of stochastic calculus and chaotic dynamics do not readily accommodate the presence of stochastic bubbles, several papers discuss in depth the presence of financial bubbles in asset prices, and econometric work is performed to link such bubbles to...

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