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N. Noffke

Geobiology: Objectives, Concepts, Perspectives, First Edition

Обложка книги Geobiology: Objectives, Concepts, Perspectives, First Edition

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ISBN: 0444520198, 9780444520197
Издательство: Elsevier Science
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 204
Book DescriptionGeobiology is an exciting and rapidly developing research discipline that opens new perspectives in understanding Earth as a system. To determine and to exploit its possibilities, this promising scientific field will benefit from a discussion of its definition as a research discipline, its objectives, and its methodological approaches. Such a spirited discussion is the goal of the book "Geobiology: Objectives, Concepts, Perspectives". Geobiology touches various subdisciplines of geology and biology in many ways. The book will serve biogeochemists, paleontologists, biomineralogists, microbiologists and many others as a forum to determine future directions of geobiological research. The book includes a section on the concept of geobiological studies, which combines the parent disciplines biology and geology. Several case studies describe geobiological investigations that serve to understand Earth in the present and past. The case studies give an overview of...