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Nicolai J. Foss

Strategy, Economic Organization, And The Knowledge Economy: The Coordination Of Firms And Resources

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ISBN: 0199240647
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionThe rise of the knowledge economy has far-reaching implications for the nature of economic organization as well as firm strategy. Not surprisingly, thinking in management studies as well as in economies has been profoundly affected by these changes. Thus, management thinking in particular has been increasingly characterized by a schism between those who advocate 'knowledge' or 'capabilities-based' approaches in the strategy and organization fields and those who adopt more economies-influenced approaches, notably the economics of organization. This book is a sustained attempt to overcome this schism. Its basic argument is that knowledge-based and organizational economics approaches are not substitutes but complements. In particular, organizational economics has much to contribute with respect to furthering the understanding of efficient organization and strategy in the emerging knowledge economy. This theme is taken through several theroretical as well as empirical...